At East Coast RV Rentals LLC, we are committed to serving our customers in Raleigh and the surrounding areas of North Carolina with exceptional RV rentals at great prices. Here you’ll find a summary of our rental policies to help prepare for your next trip. Click on a topic below to learn more. Contact us at (919) 630-3500 with questions about any of our policies, or request a rental quote online today.

Qualified drivers must be 25 years of age or older and possess a valid and identifiable driver’s license. A driver’s license and references, and place of employment are required as identification prior to rental and will be verified.

All drivers must be listed on and sign the Rental Agreement and will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.

A familiarization tour is required to acquaint the renter with the operation of the vehicle before departure.

Vehicle drop-off is 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and pickup is from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday-Saturday.

No refunds will be issued for early returns or late pickups. All rental charges are due in advance at pickup via cash or check.

Radio, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave and appliances, cruise control, and generator malfunctions are not considered breakdowns and no refunds are available for repair time to these items.

Motorhome hookup involves connecting the electrical cord, the water, and sewer hose.

Pots, pans, silverware and linens are not furnished.

Motorhomes are equipped with generators. A generator is not necessary for normal vehicle operation. Generator usage is $4/hour.

You can save on generator expense by staying at locations that have electrical hookups (110vac/30amp service is required for shore power hookup) and not leaving the generator running when you are not in the vehicle. It is also vital that you check the generator oil level every 6-8 hours of operation. If the generator needs oil, you may use 30W or 10W30 oil, which is available at any service station.

No warranties are made concerning fuel mileage and fuel tank capacity. We assume no liability for fuel consumption rates. All gasoline and all propane refueling during the trip are at the customer’s expense.

All motorhome renters must purchase insurance MBA Choice Insurance directly from MBA Insurance for $20-30 per day. Customer is responsible for the $1000 deductible on any and all claims including blow-outs and glass breakage. If you have questions about RV rental insurance or how to purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (919) 630-3500.

Long-term stationary rentals must have an Insurance Binder from Home Owners Insurance to cover all perils while parked on customer’s property.

No towing apparatus or hook-up services are provided under any circumstances for our motorhomes. Towing is not permitted with any of our motorhomes.

The customer is responsible for checking engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. If the vehicle is in need of any fluids, please add the correct amount. Driving with low fluid levels or while the vehicle is overheated can cause engine damage for which the renter is responsible. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.

If a mechanical breakdown should occur, the renter is responsible to repair the rental vehicle immediately. Any charges up to $200.00 can be made without prior authorization and will be refunded after presenting itemized bills. Renter must retain broken parts or tires. In the event the vehicle is in breakdown repair for 24 hours or more, through no fault of the customer, our responsibility to customer is limited to the refund of daily rate or portion thereof.

Customer agrees that he or she will return the unit in the same condition as picked up (excluding normal wear). The unit will be clean, full of gas/propane, and the tanks will be emptied. If the unit is damaged or not clean to our satisfaction, the customer will be charged accordingly.

Reservation deposits are refundable (minus a $50.00 service charge) only if cancellation notice is given in writing to East Coast RV Rentals more than 30 days in advance of RV rental pickup date.

Vehicles with propane are not permitted in Manhattan and are not permitted to travel through any underground or underwater tunnels. Violations of these restrictions void damage waivers and customer may be held liable for all damages and all related expenses.

East Coast RV Rentals LLC reserves the right to refuse/decline rental services to anyone based on the distance of their planned travel destination.

No smoking. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all of our rental units. Any evidence will forfeit deposit.

No pets are allowed other than service dogs for an additional minor cleaning charge. Any evidence of pets will forfeit deposit.

Do not climb the ladder or get on top of the motorhome. Any evidence of renters on ladder or roof will forfeit deposit.

No storing of items on rental unit roof or exteriors.

All passengers should use the provided seat belts. Child safety seats are required to be used.

All doors should be secured prior to travel, and this includes locking and dead-bolting.

Customers are responsible for reporting and payment of all parking/traffic violations and tolls.

No RVs on the infield of any racetracks.

We reserve the right to refuse any rental at our discretion.